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Hi, 👋

My name is John and I welcome you to the Operation Nurse Unite experience where we are constantly making efforts on improving the value we give to you all. I am a Clinical Informaticist and I work mainly with surgeons and perioperative nurses. I notice what these nurses go through on a daily basis from being overworked, overused, and undervalued. I'm not sure if it's done on purpose but it is very noticable. As if the 12 hour shift isn't enough stress on you, now you have to worry about disgruntled surgeons and anesthesiologists, who we love and appreciate but can be SO tough to work with at times. 🤦‍♂️

Do you know how many times I've witnessed PreOp nurses ask doctors about H&Ps and consents or PACU nurses basically tell the doctor to put in discharge orders or instructions for the patient to go home with? Too many to count honestly.

Now to the average joe that doesn't work in surgery, they would think its not a big deal but add that on top of checking on your patient to see if they're ok, taking vitals, placing an IV (let's just hope this only takes one attempt), administering meds, and we didn't even get to charting on the EMR system yet. Let's not forget the IntraOp nurses who are constantly running back and forth to get supplies and open implants and move the patient and then have to document on top of that. 🤯

It can really get stressful if you're not cut out for this line of work.

Hopefully, now you see how worrying about consents, discharge orders or pain meds from the doctor can be a pain.

So my team and I created this brand for You. The ones that are in the trenches. The ones that show up day in and day out. The ones that takes the blows left and right. We created this to build a like-minded community where you guys can come and unwind, kick your feet up and have discussions. 😊

We here at Operation Nurse Unite have learned that talking to someone about your day or your experiences is very therapeutic and can relieve some stress. 

So come on in and grow with us as we continue to provide incredible value to a community of great people, great workers, great mothers, great fathers, husband, wifes, significant others and the whole nine yards. Can't wait to have a conversation with you all and hopefully come to your city for a Pop Up Event. 🙌

We love you and God bless you for your dedication and for your continuous service!